Another splatter

Another splatter

Lovely - the spatters make me think of water droplets flying up around the kingfisher - a great way to convey this. Also like the way the spatters have suggested the texture of feathers. A great idea and it has worked really well, Carole.

Lovely one Carole fresh and bright and i agree with Thea he looks like hes just come out of the water .

That's a beautifully loose piece of work , splendid stuff

This is fabulous, Carole! I love how the spatters come together as a whole, bringing such life and vitality to the painting.

Thank you Thea, Dennis,Dermot and Seok for your kind comments.

Beautifully splattered and managed a splattered fish too (instead of battered)!

Really lovely work Carole. I love these relaxed looking images, possibly painted quickly and my goodness, what a result!

Thanks Glennis, battered :). Louise yes straight in with the brush, surprised the shape wasn't too bad!

Wonderful result Carole!

He's lovely do more animals!!

A little gem Carole :)

He's super Carole, fresh and exceiting image!

Just gorgeous Carole. Love the colours.

Thanks all, just lucky this one worked!

I'd decided I'd done enough splattering but you have made me want to have another go, this kingfisher is lovely!

Hang on Studio Wall

Splatter with brushmarks

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