Red Carpet

Red Carpet

Wow Carole that is superb. Brilliant colours and design, I don't know how you do it I'm so jealous :) One of your best yet IMHO.

Aw Val thank you, but it is the inks that give the bright colours and a bit of granulation fluid ;)

Love the colours and composition in this painting. It is also lovely and fresh.

Perfect in every way Carole

Wow what beautiful Autumn colours, Carole. Beautiful.

Gorgeous Carole, the inks are so vibrant, wonderful!

beautiful Carole, lovely colours

Thank you all very kind.

Gorgeousness. You know how I have run out of words. As Dennis has said. Perfect.

Couldn't be better Carole!

Thank you Russell, Gudrun and Satu, your comments are so much appreciated.

Oh wow! What superb effects Carole.

This is just beautiful Carole.

This is really beautiful Carole. Great negative painting and textures. The colours are wonderful too. Diana

Great work again.

Posted by T H on Sun 30 Oct 20:42:01

Thank you everyone for your comments, I find them very encouraging.

Love this work! Autumn forces us to use those unused colours in our palettes

Thanks Annette, just spotted your lovely berry painting, so vibrant:)

This is Autumn!! Brilliant colours, love it.

I really like the colours you have used in this picture!

Thank you Fred and Laurence.

Gorgeous Carole. As you say, the acrylic inks are beautifully transparent and vivid, and you really know how to use them to make some stunning effects.

Oh wow and wow! I do love this composition Carole! What a magnificent combination of Acrylics and Watercolour!!!

Many thanks Sharon and Beatrice for your very kind comments, I really appreciate your encouragement.

This is just stunning Carole.

That's superb Carole the colours are sublime .. marvellous work

Thanks Suzanne and Dermot.

Yes, everyone is right!! This is gorgeous and glorious rolled into one! With thanks for your recent visit :)

Stunning work Carole.

Beautiful warm colours.

A magnificient autumnal portrait!

This is stunning Carole have you used watercolour with ink or only ink. Fabulous!

I love the brightness , beautiful colors , very well done

Stunning! I love the colours!

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Acrylic inks and watercolour

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