Berry Shrub

Berry Shrub

Puts my coloured pencil drawings to shame. LOL Lovely composition, the turn of the leaves the drop of the berries, superb work. What support do you use Carole for your coloured pencils? Someone told me that Stonehenge paper was the best, not for me I don't like it at all.

Val, I certainly do not put yours to shame! I'm trying to keep up with you! ;-) I used a Fat Pad Fabriano 5 140 lbs for this one.

I think you will find it's a Leycesteria - tends to pop up from seed quite easily and has lovely fresh green leaves. This is such a lovely study Carole - it jumped out of the page at me.

Beautiful painting Carole - love the darks of the berries and the contrast against the leaves. Great addition to your portfolia

I couldn't agree more with the comments above but what a lovely shrub it is and drawn so beautifully. I have never seen this shrub before must look it up in my gardening books. Thankyou for your comment on my St Michaels Mount always very much appreciated from such a talented person. My thanks too to Michael for putting a name to the shrub for us as well.

Posted by Joy Lee on Fri 17 Feb 11:48:09

Lovely yet again Carole, I agree with all the above comments. I was looking at your work the other day to see if you had added more coloured pencil work, as my husband has paid for me to go to the Ann Swan workshop later in the year and I have to confess to being a little nervous!

This is so elegant and beautiful, Carole! I love the shine on the berries and the richness of the colors. The composition ain't too shabby either! Love it!

Thanks for all your kind comments. Thanks Michael for putting a name to it. Sue you are lucky going to a workshop with Ann Swan, I have her book it is beautiful. Thanks again for all your encouraging words.

Beautiful and delicate berry shrub, I love it

I knew this was one of yours as soon as I saw it - love the shape and the colour of those mouthwatering berries - pity you can't eat them!

This is soooo beautiful, Carole. Love the composition, the way you positioned it on the paper. No background, so you can "play" with the positive and negative space on the paper. Super!!!! I have boxes full of coloured pencils but I never think of using them! Now I will consider to give it a try.

Beautiful Carole, love the depth of colour in the berries.

Stunning drawing! I love it's colourful simplicity on a sea of white paper - quite delicious.

Simple but so beautiful. I love the swirling leaves and juicy berries.

Lovely sense of light and super composition.

This is a gorgeous coloured pencil work Carole, as Val said you really are exceptionally good with these drawings and can capture superb details, this has super botanical detail in it, don't underestimate yourself, life is to short for that !! xx

Thanks Ros, very kind of you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Coloured pencil. Can't remember the name of this shrub, but the birds love the berries during winter.

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