Silver Sixpence rhododendron with colour

Silver Sixpence rhododendron with colour

still has your lovely style Carole never mind mr Inkson he is too busy falling in love with Robins lol

😆😆 thank you David!

Carole, this is delightful, so delicate and well observed.

It was well worth waiting for carole. I can see now why they call this one silver sixpence. I love asalia's, which also are part of the rhododendron family. When I was at college they gave me the nickname of the joker. I can see I have some stiff competition here Mr Harrison. Lol. Well for your information one day I was a hands distance from a Robin. I got so close so it I thought I would sing it a song, sonny boy, it went like this. "When the red red robin comes bob bob bobin along, along. Much to my surprise the bird burst out in song. Oh boy that really made my day. My dog was not impressed though. He gives me a very strange look when I sing. "Wake wake you sleepy head come on get up get out of bed, live, love, laugh and be happy." I don't sound that bad do I. "Echo come back I was only joking."

I bet Robin was singing '. Anything you can sing, I can sing better, I can sing anything better than you! '. Hope you get your dog back soon John lol. Thanks for your comment, it made me laugh. Thank you Alan much appreciated.

This is a very well observed and delicate rendition Carole. Lovely!

You're fired Carole - for being tardy with this rendition (is that the word I'm looking for)? Simply beautiful. John, your singing can't be any worse than mine. The only way to describe it is "enthusiastic". My dog runs as far from me as he can go!

time for your medication John! lol

Thank you Joanne. Thanks Adele, I think I was behind the door when singing voices were given out to!

I would just like to echo the comments by Alan and Joanne - its great.

Great, even the dead half eaten leaf!!!!

Lovely study! I look forward to seeing more. :) btw, thanks for taking time to comment and encourage my attempts at floral work.

Thank you Peter L, Peter P and Nancy, very much appreciated.

Incredible detail and talent Carole.

Gorgeous painting Carole and enjoyable comments.

Stunning as always, Carole.

Almost missed this little beauty, I always have a quick peek am glad I did, beautiful as always.

It's a delight - believe it or not I've just done a flower painting - I'll post it in a moment but not to your standard.

So delicate Carole...just lovely... What do you do with all your wonderful work?

Michael it is so colourful your iris great colours too. Thanks Sylvia, they are usually piled on the floor!

No way have to display them ...sure they would be bought !

I sell a few at our local library once a year Sylvia :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Bit late for the John Inkson deadline. Terrible trying watercolour on cartridge, added some watercolour pencil.

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