Sharon Fruit (Persimmons)

Sharon Fruit (Persimmons)

I love Sharon fruit and these look just ripe for eating! They are a fabulous colour aren't they and you've captured it perfectly.

I like very much light handed rendering of fruits. Really, less is more. Wonderful watercolours, Carole, all of them.

This is something completely different from your usual work, Carole. And I think it is just beautiful. I love the strong colours ont the fruit and the shadows (as usual) on the white background.

This is a beautiful work on persimmons. We just harvested some of them. After seeing your rendition of the fruit, I cannot wait to taste a few.

Thank you all very much for your kind comments, it's lovely to get some feedback on my work, much appreciated.

Very nice clean work, lovely.

Just fabulous Carole! I love the way you did the tops, and the composition and color. Well, just about everything!

I knew these were yours! Delightful - were they as tasty as they look?!

Hi Carol, it is such a delightful painting. Love the transparency of the colours. Thanks for sharing

Thanks so much to William, Seok, Brian, and Olga, much appreciated. Avril, thank you, the first one was tasteless, but after a couple of days the others had ripened and were a bit more tasty!

Beautifully done, the leaves look transparent and I love the vibrant colour of the fruits.

These fruits are very well rendered.

Thank you Lesley, Lorraine and Geraldine~~~~~Carole

Excellent and so eye-catching Carole. A lovely natural and authentic composition.

Thanks Alison, always good to know what people think.

Hang on Studio Wall

Found in local market, had to buy them for their lovely colour.

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