After Ginny Grayson - personal challenge.

After Ginny Grayson - personal challenge.

I like your loose style and it suites this character well. Its a terrific sketch.

Good idea Fiona, great learning curve you are on.

Thank you very much gentlemen, you are very kind. I find it very difficult, struggled with the eyes the ears......I hope the only way is up!

Looks good to me Fiona, it's a lovely sketch

The face is full of character Fiona , I think its a great drawing with good strong lines.

Loose and expressive - Well done.

He's there, and made of very interesting marks, Fiona.

It's an admirable portrait Fiona. You're underestimating yourself again.

That looks very well done Fiona, you should do more!

Your encouragement is very welcomed, David, Linda, Richard, Shirley, Michael and Carole. Thank you very much.

Well done Fiona, it looks great and I love the loose approach.

Crikey Fiona, this is marvellous! Such a super portrait, you are braver than me, I haven't attempted one yet!

This is a good pencil drawing in the style of G Grayson and I know that because I just looked the artist up :) (My knowledge of famous artists is just rubbish but I can usual spot a pol one a mile off!) I do like the sketchy technique and I imagine you've learned a lot by doing this and it'll all come together when you do your self portrait. Ok, not just yet. If you're doing one a month then I'll give you a couple of months at most. 6B pencils are great for drawing (I do know that) and here, you have good line work and the dusty bits which I like. I do admire you Fiona for trying different techniques. That's what it's all about in my opinion but I find some stick rigidly to using the same technique usually because it sells. Art should be fun and exciting which yours is. On a another subject, we had some snow here this morning which has turned in the usual rain and there was me hoping for some of your sunshine that to apparently had you

Well I would say this is a pretty good start to your challenge Fiona. You are a braver soul than me -trying portraits. Thanks for E-mail -that's another box of tissues finished LOL. I WILL be in touch in due course.

Wonderful portrait, Fiona.

I really like this style for a portrait Fiona, looking forward to more. Snowing here.........again!

Super Fiona.

Thank you Satu, you saying that is a huge pat on the back. Margaret, I tried one about two years ago and it wasn’t bad, but to be honest I’ve never had any interest in doing portraiture. I admire the skill it takes to catch someone’s likeness, a skill which I am lacking. But, I know it’s going to hard and that makes me even more determined to have a fair crack at it. It will probably end in tears! Lol

I think you have done really well here, Fiona. This is a great style and if it is your first you have an exciting future and I look forward to seeing what you do.

Louise, I’m glad you like Ginny’s work, not everyone’s cup of tea but I can’t stop looking at it. Even though it’s rough and sketchy and sometimes it’s even difficult to make out features, there is something spiritual about it. I’m fortunate that I don’t paint for anyone but myself Louise and if I painted the same thing in the same way I would get totally bored with it......and I’m sure the viewer would too, it must show through in the painting. It might be a bit longer than a couple of months before my debut selfie hits the gallery....but thank you for your confidence in me. Lol You know all about putting fun and excitement in your work Louise, your art work is a test case for those emotions. Not only was it sunny, I did a couple of hours gardening...nah nah na nah nah! Lol Snow? Serves you right hee hee.

I can't believe this is your first attempt at a portrait. It's a really good strong confident drawing, with, as has already been said, lots of character. Great stuff, Fiona.

Lol....sorry Carole. Not sure whether it’s brave or foolish, I know it’s going to be flipping frustrating. Thank you very much X Thank you very much Cesare, you give me confidence. Thanks Val, I will post however bad they are! We’ve been very lucky ref the snow, it’s missed the two peninsulas in Wigtown bay and Luce bay......there are some rewards being near the sea. Sylvia, thank you so much, I appreciate your comment very much. Many thanks Maureen, I don’t know about a future but I’d like to try my hardest.

Lewis, I’m thrilled you like it, thank you ever so much.

I think that it is very good,

I rather like the loose style Fiona. I think you will master this in no time, well done.

You're on a roll Fiona! Like you, I enjoy doing different things but you're much more adventurous with the different media. My excuse - not a lot of workshops around here which offer different things. But keep going with these portraits!

I do admire your loose style, something I struggle to achieve. You've managed to portray a grumpy man, a difficult task Fiona.

Annick, Charles thank you very much. Thank you Marjorie, I value your comment very much, I’ll persevere with the portraits. The one thing that will stop me is my lack of patience! Lol Other than the oil class I go to I don’t do any workshops, I think there are a few different things happening in Kirkcudbright but I’ve never thought of doing them. I get most of my inspiration from here on the gallery and Davy, my art tutor. He’s so knowledgeable, he’s a collector too, he brings in work of some of the greats for us to study. I’m very lucky. Thanks very much Carole, I struggle to do

It’s fabulous, Fiona. Love the spontaneity of this.

Ellen you’re very kind thank you.

A very expressive study, Fiona. Well done!

Bless you Gudrun! Thank you very much Chandra!

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketch book drawing, 6b pencil. Many of you will know how I steer clear of portraits, but I have set myself a challenge to attempt at least one portrait a month. This is copied, as it’s my first, just trying to get a feel for the face, and I know there are many, many mistakes.....which I hope to improve on! I love this style of loose portraiture which is how I would like to work on. Anyway, as it’s raining here...Louise... I thought it would give you a giggle!

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