Night Creatures...Jan/sketch


Interesting flight of imagination topic Fiona.

Great subject, Fiona, I love this type of thing.

This is brilliant Fiona, the detail is good to see the other plate.

You do find some interesting objects Fiona!

A bare breast goes nicely with the witches orgy of hemlock opium plenty of flying ointment for her and the cherubs wings. Love the thing Fiona. Den the warlock

Thank you Jim. Me too Jenny, thanks very much. I’ll perhaps have a go at the other one Paul, when I’ve got the time to spend on it. Thank you. Margaret, you’d be amazed what I can Thanks for your comment. Thank you Den the Yes plenty of high times with that potent mix. You’re a night creature too are you?

Yes Fiona I dream every night

Beautiful sketch of a fascinating object Fiona, so much detail!

Great sketching Fiona.

What a delightful thing to sketch, look forward to the other one.

Great work on such a complex subject Fiona.

Nice one Fiona, I love fantasy subjects like this,

Excellent sketching of a not easy fantasy subject. !

Very grateful for your encouraging comments, thank you. I’ve dug the other plate out, I’ll have a bash at it.

Very good sketch work

Many thanks Ceri.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil in Okra sketchbook. This is one of two pewter door finger plates, this one is of creatures of the dark, the other one is of creatures of the light. If I have the patience I might have a go at the other one. I couldn’t get the 3d effect, apart from the back plate everything else is raised. There are bats, owls, stars, moon, hemlock, opium.....can you spot anything else?

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