Sleepy Snowy


Aww look at Snowy, the comfort and cozyness just comes across so beautifully.

Love the style with which you have painted this Faye, very contemporary. The varied mediums have worked a treat.

Bliss. One happy cat so happily sketched and painted too. Excellent Faye.

Aww thank you David, Carrie, Carole and Chris for your sweet comments. I am enjoying the little pen sketches of my ball of fluff 😊

Ooh, I can feel this - wonderful!

Thank you Heather 😊

A very arresting image. Captures and holds my attention. An original approach to a common and endearing subject. Well done!

Thank you James for your lovely comment. Much appreciated. Yes I felt sleepy/cosy painting Snowy

Snowy looks well settled in now Faye, lovely painting.

Snowy looks very comfortable indeed Faye!

Thank you Carole. Yes snowy is very settled.... Thank you David

Lovely painting and drawn particularly well.

Thank you Paul 😊

Def a cat’s life, Snowy made me smile.

Awww thank you glad snowy .ade you smile Marjorie

Snowy is becoming a star Faye……lovely pose well captured. She’s very cute.

Thank you Fiona and Diane

I'm really enjoying your cat paintings, Faye, and I'm not even really a cat person! That smug look is so expressive, and so typically feline. Beautifully done!

Haha thank you Seok Grateful for your comment. Yes she loves her beauty sleep 😴

Fantastic, Faye! Great to see Snowy taking her beauty sleep!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Little sketch of snowy sleeping 😴 oh she love her kitty naps 💕 I feel she grown already!! Watercolour paper. Pens splash of paint 🎨

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