Beautiful picture, Dorothy - so skilfully done, and I like the angle...

What a sweetie, such character!

Lovely Dorothy - what an expression he has!

You do so well using coloured pencils Dorothy. Have never tried this medium although have just bought some pencils. May give it a go. GreT job of Jack - he looks like a lovely dog.

Wonderful, have coloured pencils that I keep looking at and avoiding ! Your work has inspired me , fantastic pet portrait.

Super expression Dorothy.

Such an alert expression Dorothy. Super drawing.

Oh, how delightful! It reminds me of my dog! You have captured Jack Russell Terrier really!

Thank you very much everyone for your lovely comments. Unfortunately Jack is no longer with us. His first anniversary comes up in a few days. I looked after my neighbour's doggie for 2 years and miss him very much. Carole, I had loads of coloured pencils sitting around for a few years but started using them a few months ago when my art group required smallish paintings for our local library display. At the moment I am hooked! I may add that they do require as many layers as the paper will hold if you like them more painterly and it can be quite difficult to blend in different colours. Soft coloured pencils are the best I have found. Give it a go Sharon. You might get hooked like me.

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Coloured pencils on black paper

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