A place to meditate (inspired by the Isle of Skye)


Do like your style Stevan. Lovely, textural brushstrokes.

Thanks Carole, if done some different stuff of late so this one is a step back to my more recognisable style.

Great painting Stevan - so much of what you paint has a real sense of power and strength running through.

I like your comments Heather, thankyou.

How could you not be inspired or disappear into a landscape like this Stevan. The cottage looks lost in the magnitude of its surroundings but also cosseted in its embrace. Magic!

Thanks Fiona, got home from a week on Skye yesterday and it was breathtaking.

I’ve been a couple of times, I share your assessment. I expect you have folders full to the brim of sketches and photos galore! Hope the weather was kind.

Fiona, our 4th visit and we are never disapointed. Your right about the gathering of inspiration, possibly too much. This time saw golden eagles, sea eagles, hen harrier, dolphins, porpoise and to cap it all the gods shone their light on us and we saw the northern lights. We came home absolutely ecstatic.

That’s fabulous Steve. Have witnessed the same but not all in a week! Lol. I lived on the north west coast for a while, almost opposite Stornaway across the Minch. Saw some tremendous sights and animals.

Fiona, you lucky lady. My wife and I love it up there. Shame about the 10 hour journey.

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Throughout Skye's landscape there are small white cottages that smack of a quiet life. A place to think and engender a peaceful mind or just somewhere to retreat in to when it's raining.

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