Wind swept resistance

Wind swept resistance

This looks really good, I like the way you have given it a double mount, it brings out the colours in your painting, 😀

Thanks lindca, it's nice to get your feedback. The double mount with the colors similar to the picture was an attempt to expand the presentation beyond the picture so your comment has encouraged me. Steve

Very effective, Stevan. I love coloured double mounts like this, they enhance and add another dimension to a painting.

I'm in your camp on the double mounts Jenny, they can be an extension of the picture if you choose the right colour scheme. Steve.

Even though a small size, this packs a powerful punch Stevan. It’s all about elements....the earth, the sky, the wind and rain. I agree with you all about the double mount, I also like the larger size. A smaller sized mount couldn’t hold the ‘power!’

Thanks for the comments Margaret and Fionna. On the back of the comments I think I will do some more pictures using this approach. Fionna, I'm doing a demo next month and guess what, I will be showing the audience the technique that delivers the dendritic appearance and I'm quoting you in my discussion. You can put celebrity on your CV, Tee hee..................'

Powerful and elegant Stevan. Beautifully observed.

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At my art group members were challenged to paint a picture 4 inch by 4 inch which can be a challenge. I decided to work on a theme I've often painted but think about fitting it in to a smaller scale. The background is yellow ochre with indigo laid over wet in wet. This gave me the really nice bleed at the bottom which gives the impression of grass. The is just indigo painted in varying strengths. The tree was deliberately painted in to fit the light and I feel it gives an antiquated look.

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