An old Caricature

An old Caricature

Great art Derek, as they say... The old ones are the best.

Comedy makes the art so much more dynamic. Nice work Derek.

Our design studio used to do a lot of this sort of caricature stuff for special events, this is great Derek.

Thanks Andre, Michael and Alan. In this case I was supplied with quite a few tales the family wanted in the work.

Lovely Derek,

Cheers David and Ellen

Lovely stuff - you should do more of this D.

Thanks Michael. I don't get asked any more and with you and Ivan on the scene in a very funny way, I don't stand a chance.

Hang on Studio Wall

I did a lots of these years back for birthdays, retirements etc. This A3 on paper, My style was not good enough to really caricature faces, so I would attempt a good likeness and build into each one some personal stuff and history. This was quite exceptional in contents and there was a story behind each scene. I think my fee was £80, no mount or frame.

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Eleventyeight as my hashing pals called my new age recently, it's supposed to sound better. Trying to paint every day in acrylics using only expired credit/debit cards, and partially succeeding as they're only for me and not show these days.

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