I like it in these colours and tones, Dennis.

Posted by Pod P on Wed 04 Nov 08:35:29

A fantastic sky colour, Dennis, with just a hint of cloud, lovely. And the buildings are beautifully portrayed, as is the little seated figure. Nice choice of palette.

A lot in this Dennis, unusual to see a fairly dull day in a Venice scene but why not?

Like the understated tones in this, realistic non dramatic scene.

Not very busy that day Dennis, little man on steps waiting for the sun. Good one.

Lovely peaceful , muted tones Dennis, a different approach to the usual hustle and bustle of Venice.

Many thanks Stephen Andre Carole and Chandra

Hi guys! I have lived many years in Venice and I assure you that the city is not as busy as you my think. The Venetian are flegmatic people who love peace and drink ombretta (wine). Dennis has made very well Venetian atmosphere and the painting is very good. The little man on step has already drunk too much.

Thanks so much Cesare the umbretta sounds very appealing along with a beautiful real pizza of Italy

Another lovely piece Dennis nothing overdone just right well done.

A great painting Dennis and a great short narrative from Cesare.

Many thanks Dennis wasn't that a great endorsement Alan thanks again Cesare

Lovely composition, you've captured the atmosphere in spades, Dennis.

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