Path by Fir

Path by Fir

You don't need too many colors or details to make a great painting ;-) Approved!

Very true Ivan glad you like it because working on two more

Me likes it too - I have done something not a million miles away from this which I put to one side - this piece is making me wonder - think I'll reappraise it having seen this successful piece.

Many thanks Michael yes anything possible

Great strong painting Dennis, the hard edged lights really work for me, I very much like the palette too.

Dennis, I can't tell you why I like this but I do...almost against my will, if that makes sense? I keep coming back to look at it because it intrigues me.

It's doing it's job then Fiona

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic with strong chairascuro and aspects of landscapes

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Dennis Rounding

Born 1953 it was a good day for the world. BA Hons fine art then PGCE. Had two one man shows Huddersfield and Wakefield and Mirfield. Fell ill 25 years ago but now paint small scale. All for sale To cut a long story short when seventeen to twenty one worked twelve hour shifts at Chemicals grinding…

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