Northern City

Northern City

WOW, this is a beautiful painting Dennis, love it :)

Is this a recent work I find this work very difficult ,well done

Many thanks Maria and yes Michael just dried

Was your previous posting a precurser? You've done it again. Great stuff. I do hope that other people than us see your work.

Oh yes - super - challenge laid - now I'll post something similiar I did yesterday but don't think it's up to this standard

It was Gudrun more how I used to paint before I got ill but much smaller no challenge intended Michael and I am inspired by your and Dereks I could go on

This has a sort of abstract Lowry feel to it Dennis both in colour and subject choice, fantastic!

Great work again Dennis! Love the greyness of the city, exactly as it looks sometimes.

Thanks so much for your valuable time and kindness Christine and Satu

Unstoppably and successfully launched towards the abstract. Amazing, Dennis!

I will be back Cesare just waiting for the image and subject

You have captured a solemness about this Dennis, the greyness of that busy working city.

I am becoming a definite fan of your work Dennis. I love your colour choices In this abstract painting.

Thanks so much Carole and Julie

semi abstract but fully good!

Oh suburbs seen flashing past the carriage window...Very emotive, Dennis.

If paintings are feelings this is how I feel going in to a city. I'm not use to being near or going to cities and they make me feel vulnerable and intimidated. Put me in the middle of nowhere, or a forrest day or night and I feel safe. You are a master at creating emotions with your work Dennis.

Many thanks Ivan Ruth and Fiona i have been the same all my life. I realise now I was right through I felt soft

Very very interesting Dennis. The imagination just goes to work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic semi abstract

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