Love your mystical, unusual, approach to Venice with its raw, organic feel Dennis. The first time I visited Venice was many, many years ago, when it was devoid of the babble of tourism and there was a quietude that no longer exists. This painting reminds me of that time.

Very nicely painted Dennis and, yes, a Venus in less busy times

oops predictive text - Venice!

Lovely use of wet in wet washes and just the right accents. Very nicely done, Dennis!

Very atmospheric, Dennis.

Many thanks Heather hey venus sounds great and thank you Seok and Jenny

Beautiful, Dennis.

Your paintings never fail to grab my attention. It demonstrates how the eye fills in detail. Love it

Great job Dennis, just my style of watercolour!

Fabulous work Dennis, Venice truly is a special place.

I want to visit this Venice, but not so keen to visit the real Venice ........gorgeous Dennis.

Many thanks very kind Alan and Russell I totally agree Fiona maybe I'm old fashioned but life was so much more real then

Really like the soft misty feel and lovely subdued palette Dennis. Unfortunately my only brief visit was a few years ago and there were so many people you could hardly move!

Many thanks Sandra wouldn't mind seeing it busy again

You certainly have the greenness on Venice water.

This is really lovely Dennis.

Unmistakeably Venice Dennis (I like the rhyme), and so cleverly done.

Many thanks Linda Denise and Diane ah yes it rhymes

Gorgeous. I have never been, but I agree with Carole K. Here is hoping that stopping enormous tower blocks sailing around will help revert to a better atmosphere and feeling in Venice.

Absolutely captivating, Dennis. I have been to Venice but it was many years ago. Your semi-abstract take illustrates the mystery surrounding the place, and even hints at its history. SEE! It's got me wandering and wondering. *smile* Bri

This is fabulous work

The touch of red makes it all so convincing Dennis.

Many thanks Bri Romilla and Gudrun

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