Nice eye catching goose Dennis!

Havn't seen the apple as yet, but there is something to be said for simple line drawings, why do we complicate everything?.

Looks very nice Dennis, I must practice my drawing especially of animals, mine usually turn out like something from outer space.

There's a satisfying quality about the execution of a simple subject Dennis.....and your Goose is a perfect example. Before doing that apple yesterday I hadn't realised the beauty of it.

It's a Dennis, no doubt about it.....(-:

I like the thick dark line drawing, a very proud goose Dennis.

Well formed Dennis. You must get lots of um in your environment.

I could live a year well fed and they eat grass

Cracking sketch of a visitor to your ocean going yacht dennis?

He really is he doesn't miss a thing in the air or down below

Hang on Studio Wall

Fionas apple charmed me to a back to basics line drawing

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