Road to Hornsea fin


Will leave other up for a while for comparison

I like both - the added detail is really interesting. If I had to choose I think I prefer the former as these 2 stand. But maybe you're going to develop this further, will be interesting to see.

Thanks Heather the feedback is much appreciated

Now I'm doing a spot the difference because I think I'm wrong, there's very little change if any ... perception is a funny thing isn't it?

Yes it's very difficult Heather but I am listening

Like them both, Dennis, but think I prefer this one - something about the car blending really well with the overall image.

Many thanks Heather I didn't add a lot but a few highlights and darks.

Haven't scene the other version but this works wel Dennis. It seems to hav movement to me, with the car speeding along the country road. I suppose the slightly blurred trees help with that.

I haven't seen the other yet Dennis but I think this is wonderful. Love the composition and the way you've handled the trees particularly.The car emerging from the background with headlights blazing is superbly done so I think this version will take some beating!

Both good paintings Dennis. Think I prefer this one with more muted colours and looser trees. The car looks to be moving forward out of the background.

Yes I think I agree with you all

Many thanks Russell and Christine

Like Heather, I prefer the first version. However, it up to individual taste ....

Agreed Gudrun and the mood we are in

Brilliant work Dennis, love the non detailed trees and the light on the car.

Many thanks Carole I agree

A stunning atmospheric piece. Beautifully painted, Dennis.

Love the trees in this one Dennis. It's a beautiful colour combination you have used. You've bought another car I see.

How did you know Jennifer yes a Jag

Hang on Studio Wall
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Watercolor and pastel. Just had to.

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