Guess whose on Vacation?

Guess whose on Vacation?

Fantastic Debs, made me smile. Well done you. You've shown that yellows can work even though I spent at least 10 mins this morning proving that, in my case, it doesn't. One failed yellow submarine..... LOL

Brilliant! The perfect choice for a 'yellow' painting. No it isn't easy to photograph them nor is it easy to paint them as trying to get some depth and variety into the tones is tricky. A good exercise though, isn't it?

Great response Debs, poor Marge the shock has turned her hair white!

Made me smile as well. They're having a sunny holiday!


Virtual chocolate box goes to you Debs, this is so good and so funny! Brightens up the day!

I Love that crazy family.. Thanks for making me smile.

Thanks Val[ I tried a yellow submarine too but doesn't work without using other colours does it!] Thanks Thea, yes a good excercise, the yellow here looks very acidic, the painting is more golden but never mind! Christine poor Madge indeed!and thanks Gudrun, Louise, Bill, Satu and Maria for such generous comments!

Oh Debs, you done it again! Fantastic yellow, this deserves a custard cream 😄😋

A box of chocolates from Gudrun[ All Gold, I hope] and Custard creams from you Carole, I'm in yellow heaven LOL xx

This made me laugh Debs! Great fun :)

Thanks Sarah, you should have a go!

This is gorgeous, Debs! Such fun in the sun! I love it!

Thank you very much Seok, glad you are back!

Hang on Studio Wall

Irreverent addition to the yellow challenge, but it's all I could come up with. not only is it difficult to paint with it's not easy to photograph either!!

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