Does my bum look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this?

Brilliant - jealous - just wish I'd thought of it

Great one Debs, look at you coming up with cartoons as well!!

That's very good Debs, love it!

The question all men dread. Well done. This is super.

Very clever Debs and yes, it is the most asked question, I'm sure!

Thank you, Michael,Ros Dermot Christine and Dawn!

Carry on -snailing-. I have given upon proper quotation marks as they come out as "...".

Thanks Gudrun, love your ' carry on snailing' - you've given me an idea lol!

Ho Ho Ho - very good, Debs. Actually, it's a very good drawing, which I always think is the basis of a successful cartoon

Thanks for your honesty Louise!!

Thanks Thea, one more then my cartooning days will be over for a while!

Thanks Satu for your kind comment, I missed your name out of the 'group hug' so apologies!

Very very good, Debs! Made me smile, which says a lot, since I really loathe these slimebags!

Thanks Seok - yes I hate them too when they're eating my garden!!

No but mine would.

Nice one Karyl! lol

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Sticking with snails for the moment for my cartoons, I think this must be one of the most asked question in the world lol !

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