'Which Way?'

'Which Way?'

Love the whimsical theme, Debs, and the touch of gold on the tiger really makes the painting. I haven't been commenting for a while because I was pretty inundated, so apologies if I missed some of your earlier pieces. I'll get round to it eventually.

Thank you so much Seok and Gudrun!

Oh - a nice one Debs - appeals to my humour.

Thakyou Michael - if it appeals to your humour I'm laughing!! lol

I know I commented on AF but I just had to leave a comment here as well Debs. Superb illustration full of patterns that work so well and looking at Alice I can just see her stamping her foot, the little minx LOL

Aw thanks Val for such a lovely comment, I still love your word 'bisom' it's one I shall use in the future!

Sorry it has taken me a day or so to find this painting, Debs. However, now that I have found it, it has brought a smile to my face. This is another of your amazing illustrative works based on a great drawing and very clever use of touches of watercolour. Your imagination knows no bounds! Well done indeed.

Thanks Thea for such a postive comment as you know I really enjoy this type of work!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another in my 'Alice' series, a little surreal perhaps but I got the idea for the tiger looking Cheshire cat from the quote ' It looked good natured she thought: still it had very long claws and a great many teeth' My Alice isn't the sweet little Disney girl either - she's a bossy little Madam!

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