Off with her head!

Off with her head!

Absolutely wonderful Debs, all those interesting patterns and marks are fantastic! You are very imaginative. Beautiful design.

Fabulous Debs! The Queen's costume is a wonderful creation.

I like it alot and I'm scared of the Queen of hearts. She is up there with the child snatcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang :)

Can't help but grin when I look at the cat. Superb work Debs, the red really brings it alive. Come on, get off your bum (LOL) and get these illustrations into a childrens book, you'll make a fortune.

Thanks for such super comments Carole, Fiona, Sarah and Val. I really enjoyed myself with this one, but I should have put a wash on the sky BEFORE I started the drawing!! Might be brave and add one though it would be a bit of a fiddle. I'm like you Sarah, the Queen of Hearts is way up there for being scarey. Yes Val I will get off my bum[ just need a kick up it first lol!]

I love the details, it's gorgeous!

Thank you Cristina, it's lovely to have feedback!

Debs, do not (NOT!!) add a sky wash. The black ink against the red works so well, the addition of a blue sky will diminish the effect. This is great as it is and the detail is terrific. A minor, very minor, niggle. The wall in the background appears to come out of Alice's nose............... leave a small gap, and let the viewers eyes fill in the blanks. But that's nitpicking at what is a beautifully drawn work.

Thanks for your comment Tony, I agree about the sky, but I wasn't thinking of painting it blue - something more surreal as befits wonderland! I also agree with you about the wall coming out of Alice's nose, I knew it was a mistake as soon as I'd done it, but ink is very unforgiving, alas! so I think I might add more dark leaves around her face, as I've done with the rabbit, thanks again for taking the time and trouble to comment.

it's great as it is, Debs, doesn't need sky !

Thanks Jenny - I'm still debating lol!!

Absolutely love this piece, Debs! It so tells the story, and it's beautifully drawn! It would make such a lovely illustration in an Alice in Wonderland book! And I agree with Tony - it is perfect without the sky or anything else!

Thank you so much for such a generous comment Seok, you've made my day!

Your comment on Seok's painting led me to look for Alice who I'd somehow missed. What a lovely, well drawn illustration it is!

How did I miss this when it was posted!! I do try to keep up to date with all the postings, but there are so many in a day now that it is getting harder. Anyway, when I scrolled back through the pages to catch up, this painting immediately leapt out at me. What a super fantasy image, done with all the amazing imagination you always put into your work. Brilliantly drawn and the amount of red is just right to give the work that punch that makes sure it really works. Well done, Debs!

Thanks very much Louise, it's very easy to miss things on this site I know, everything goes by in a flash! Another reason why Mp's get up my nose!!

Thanks Thea, as I said to Louise it is easy to miss things, especially when you don't have lots of spare time, as I know to my cost! Really enjoyed this one a nice change from the Blooming Sighing Bridge !!!

Thanks Kirstie - just this minute left a comment on your Poodles!

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Illustration, pen and ink. It's 150 years ago since Alice floated down the river with the Rev Charles Dodgson what an afternoon that must have been! Here's my small tribute to them both, comments welcome.

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