Hush puppies

Hush puppies

Aah! Well done and good for you for having a go! These puppies are so cute! I love the way that they're huddled together and the expression on the sleepy looking one (centre back) is perfect. He looks very contented! I wasn't going to enter my effort but after receiving kind (more sympathetic really) feedback, I changed my mind and I'm entering my no 3 one. Why not? You must also enter yours, I really think that they're delightful! I might change my mind though if you win as I can get quite jealous!!! :) Also, your's are the correct colour, ie black, I didn't look closely as usual and painted mine brown! :)

Also, I love the name that you've given them. Now, why didn't I think of that!

Oh - how sweet and what a brilliant job you have made of painting these little cuties (I am such a sucker for puppies). You probably need to Photoshop the image to get the colours true to the original - don't know if you have the programme. As Louise (or Lousie LOL!) says - enter it - it is utterly charming and done in your very particular and unique style. Perhaps we ought to deluge the competition with POL member's entries. Any other takers?

Thanks 'Thelma and Lousie' you're too kind! may try painting this again but darker so they show up better! Will try and find out about Photoshop [thanks for that Thea] ps I hope you are going to enter yours Thea!

Debs, I just knew this would happen :)

Sorry Louise - I just couldn't resist!!!

Just spotted this one after leaving a comment on your dancer. A lovely interpretation in your trademark blues and great title, you should enter it.

Thank you so much Val - but how could I compete with Thea ! lol

Love this Debs! You've captured the form and expressions so very well! It's delightful!

Thanks Seok Yam, you're too kind!

Good shapes to your puppies Debs, good on you for painting them. Don't see why you shouldn't enter it!!

Aw thanks Carole - you are a sweetie.

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This is for Thelma and Louise [ sorry Thea] for daring me to have a go at Tillys' puppies, as you can see I won't be entering the competition but I had a shot at it! [ no idea why the picture comes out so much lighter than the painting]

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