'I don't care what they call it - doesn't look like a Beehive to me Mate!!'

'I don't care what they call it - doesn't look like a Beehive to me Mate!!'

The lady wouldn't be very happy if they built a nest in her hair! Great drawing Debs!

😆😆 go on get in there! Great Debs, lovely face too.

That's hilarious Debs, best yet I think! Great drawing.

Brilliant and yes - Glenis will be back...!

A classy lady irritated by those buzzing little bees! So funny Debs!

Beehive yourself Debs. Just had to get that one in. Great stuff

Thank you one and all, I thought no more cartoons after Betty the Bat ones from last year, but it's hard to resist as they are such fun!!

Actually I used to wear my hair like that in the 60's, great beehive style and drawing Debs.

This is a cracker Debs so clever well done indeed .

Thanks Glennis I always wanted a beehive but I was about 5 years too late !! LOL

Thank you Dennis!

Great hair I use to do all that years ago when I first started hairdressing!!

Thanks Linda - my first Saturday job was washing hair in my Uncle's Hair Salon!!

Brilliant - love the haughty look on the lady's face although she plainly doesn't know what is hovering above her! Good one, Debs.

There are bee's everywhere......love it Debs, I remember my sister would spend hours in front of the mirror doing her beehive hair do, I think she spent most of her meager wages on Wella hair spray!lol

Love this, Debs! Your bee paintings are just super!

Thank you Fiona and Seok for such nice comments - I remember Wella well!! lol

Hang on Studio Wall

Joining the swarm of Bees on here at the moment, really enjoying them!

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