The Old Garden Gate

The Old Garden Gate

Lovely painting Debs

Super vignette of a door to the secret garden perhaps? I am noticing that you have gone for you signature monochrome look for the door and surround, but you have cleverly greyed both the pink tones of the bricks and your greens for the grass and foliage, so they are all in perfect harmony. I think you love the monochrome effect so much that when you do introduce colour you do it in such a way that you almost keep the monochrome effect. Probably doesn't make any sense to anyone but me - but hope you see what I am getting at. There is also something absolutely delicious about an image set in a sea of white paper - gives me a buzz anyway!

Thanks Petra for taking the time to comment - it means a lot to get feedback.

Beautiful vignette, Debs. I like the colour scheme you used. It is very subtle and delicate.

Well Thea, what can I say! your critiques just blow me away! I do love monochrome and I think it's becoming a sub conscious trait to tone down the colours so that they harmonise with the grey and white. This one I did without planning, and had'nt really thought about it, so for you to have recognised this, and pointed it out to me is awesome lol!!!

Thank you Mia, it's really nice when someone who has a similar style [ ie momochrome] approves!!

Debs your door is beautiful.

Thank you Carole.

Love this one. I love the texture you created on the door and the way you cleverly used that detail to draw the viewer's eye straight to your centre of interest.

Thanks Seok Yam Chew, you're very sweet to comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

I'd like to think a perfect English garden was behind this gate!

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