For the Love of My Sisters

For the Love of My Sisters

This is a lovely tribute to your sister Dawn. It is very serene. What do you aim to do with it? I too lost a sibling, my brother, Colin, was just turned 52 when he passed away 15 years ago after suffering from a serious illness from the age of 30. You never get over it, but the pain does lessen somewhat. As I am typing this, a photo of Colin is smiling down on me from a frame I made specially for him. Be proud!

Thank you, Adele. Sorry to hear about your brother, Colin. As you say the pain lessens but there is always a yearning to see them again, which is what my painting is about - spending time together, sitting quietly in a beautiful place. Aundrea was diagnosed with cancer when she was 25 and a new mum. On a different note, I look forward to seeing your forays into watercolour. I am sure they will be beautiful. I think when we express what is inside us, we do our best work.

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This was inspired by the sentiment if you could sit on a bench with one person who would it be. The ladies are me and my two sisters. The middle sister is my youngest sister, who died 3 years ago, aged 38. This painting is a tribute to her. I wanted to paint a place that she would take us to if she could. I let her inspire me - even using a feather to paint my leaves on one of the trees.

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Dawn Halliwell

I started painting in Jan 2016 after the death of my youngest sister. I found it great therapy and still do! I love experimenting with different techniques and media. I mainly work in pastel or oils for pet portraits, but I also enjoy doing ink portraits with the odd landscape thrown in for good…

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