New haircut - self portrait

New haircut - self portrait

A great job; you have got everything in the right place; try working on board. Well done!

You have done a good job Dawn. Brenda is right, you would probably find it easier using pastel boards.

I like the new hairstyle Dawn. I think you have done a very good portrait. Pastels are not my friends, I have tried a couple of times to no avail, so how you have managed to produce a portrait with them I don’t know. Maybe I will have another attempt now.

Lovely hairstyle and it suits you Dawn, great portrait.

I think you are right ladies, canson mi tientes paper was not the easiest to work on for this. Rather pleased that I did this freehand and still managed to get that elusive likeness.

I never smile when working on a SP Dawn, it's unnatural and a smile normally indicates that you have worked from a photo. A really good effort.

Janet, there are some great youtube clips out there that I found helped me. I liked Emma Colbert for her portraits and Jason Morgan for wildlife.

Good hairstyle - very 'with it'. Like your portrait, Dawn

What a great job you have made of this selfie Dawn, looks marvellous and so does your hair!

I like the hairstyle and I love the self portrait. Well done.

Nothing wrong at all with your selfie Dawn, it’s a beautiful pastel...and you have beautiful green eyes......nice hair do! Thank you for your comment on the ink barn, I would love to see your daughter work, is it on line?

Dawn, she’s got some fabulous ink work! Love the ones of Lincoln especially, I use to visit there quite often.

I do like this Dawn. And the hair cut is great .

As well as saying it's a good portrait, I'll just add what a lovely face you have :)

You look happier in this one Dawn.

Good self-portrait, Dawn.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I would challenge myself with a self portrait after I changed my hairstyle. Not sure I did the hairdresser's talent justice! Pastel on canson mi teintes 8 x10. I have done a self portrait once before. Family and friends said I made myself look older and miserable. It's hard to smile when you are staring into a mirror!

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