Red and green peppers

Red and green peppers

Really really lovely'

Wonderfully vibrant - great painting of the glass and the black background shows it all off to great advantage.

Really attractive Painting, love your dark backgrounds. I like the shine on your peppers.

I like the direction you are taking. Very effective.

It's gorgeous artwork Dawn, the colours on the black background are stunning and it shows the reflections and highlights on the glass vase to perfection x

Very very good Dawn! You can be proud of yourself!

An innovative and daring take on a still life life subject - I admire your judgement, it is lovely.

Hi Dawn, not sure how I've come to miss your gallery! Love the wow factor of this one in particular but they're all so good!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my first oil painting in over 2 years so it was nice to get back to it. It's on canvas and is 20x16in. It's painted from life and had to finish when the peppers died which was surprisingly quickly. I've had a bigger job photographing it and it looks slightly tilted but in real life it's straight. It does need another coat of black but I thought I'd try photographing it again to post on here. Shiny black makes the light bounce all over it which is why the image looks distorted because I took it at a slight angle.

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My work is mainly about natural subjects. I very rarely paint urban landscapes because I find animals,people and nature much more interesting and challenging. I have a realistic style and prefer to work in oils and acrylics.

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