These are fantastic dogs, that have been demonized because of a few that have been brought up by idiots or sadists. Had to get that off my chest, because they're so wonderful. And so is your painting - you've caught the character, curiosity, and intelligence.

Super dog portrait Dawn, you caught her beautifully Dawn, great work on her eyes and coat

Ahhh Rottweilers my favorite dogs, some folks are intimidated by their size and look but I have never found a better nature'd dog. Superb portrait!

Lovely portrait, I have a Rottweiler called Sasha and she is a lovely dog and my best friend.

Wow! Second ever dog portrait and you produce this??? Go to the top of the class as it is lovely and just perfect. Bet Tia is chuffed with it!

Wow! was my reaction too. Wonderful portrait and you have captured her personality. I also think these dogs are under-rated. I don't have one, but I have met a few gems.

Fantastic dog portrait Dawn

Super portrait Dawn! Full of talent and love. I've only ever known one Roti and she was called 'Sugar'......yes, she was a sweet thing.

What a beautiful face Dawn.

Stunning work, Dawn! Sensitively portrayed, with superb expression.

Beautiful portrait Dawn, love it.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a portrait of my 2 year old Rottweiler. My second ever dog portrait. She's painted in acrylic on board and is 12 x 16in.

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My work is mainly about natural subjects. I very rarely paint urban landscapes because I find animals,people and nature much more interesting and challenging. I have a realistic style and prefer to work in oils and acrylics.

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