Experiment in using the wrong colours

Experiment in using the wrong colours

Interesting experiment, that does seem to work. Having said that I don't think the colours are that "wrong"...yellow hair and flesh tones, pinkish lips, and blue shadows are not unknown. "Wrong" or "not that wrong" doesn't really matter, it works and is a fine painting

I like it very much. Is there a right or wrong in art? I think it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

I don’t think there is a wrong or right, these colours are perfect.

I only mean wrong in that her skin wasn't blue and her hand wasn't green... but thanks for the encouragement I may explore this further.

I think experimenting is a great thing to do, and hope you explore this more as you've said. This is interesting and different, two big pluses in my book, a successful experiment.

I like it David. It's good to experiment so this was a lovely exercise.

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I have heard it said that the colours don't matter if the value is right... well I thought I would try and test that a little and maybe it is true. This was quite quick and not so carefully done (I used a big chisel brush and worked dark to light instead of light to dark) I am not sure what I think about it but splashing around is how we learn.

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Inspired by an artist friend I came back to paint a bit at the end of 2017. At the moment I am enjoying it and maybe because I have the patience to look more than I once did I am finding it easier and more enjoyable to actually produce a likeness.

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