The Fitness Selfie

The Fitness Selfie

Aha - found it. Yes - well.... head's a bit long (too much forehead), the left side of the nose (looking at it) a touch bulbous, and I'd like to see your collar bones (do not take this in a pervy way.....). But while I know you said on the Forum that you'd got fed up with it, which does show a bit, you've got most of the basics in place for a good self-portrait - I'm all for not fiddling, but I'm also much in favour of not stopping too soon. Still - if you did just get tired of it you were right to stop. You'd probably get some interesting offers if you posted this on a social media page - possible using a longer piece of paper.....

lol, I had morning hair and it seems like my forehead has got larger in the last ten years, you are definately right about the nose - where I tried to put its shadow onto my cheek it made it look like it was drawn very amateurly. This next one I will persevere a bit more and see it through more patiently :) thanks for the comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

A5 Acrylic in my sketch book, not laboured on for too long.

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D Hillman

Inspired by an artist friend I came back to paint a bit at the end of 2017. At the moment I am enjoying it and maybe because I have the patience to look more than I once did I am finding it easier and more enjoyable to actually produce a likeness.

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