I just spotted the spelling error too...so please don't pull me up on it :P

So true. Like calligraphy.

Hang on Studio Wall

Doing a pencil sketch I lost interest a bit and spotted my school fountain pen. I decided I would try a bit of calligraphy in an font I don't know (I had one reference word so missing most the characters including all uppercase except T) This is far from a good job, I was inconsistant with some of the letters, and it is poorly spaced since the nib I intended to use wouldn't work at all (a shadow nib...) I finally got a normal nib to work but that was inconsistant too, first it made pools of ink which I smeared (hence my unorthadox L) then towards the end it went faint.... I may do some more of this kind of thing but will either use fonts I know or ones I have a full reference for. If anyone knows the name of a font which this is close to (with these long high tails on the h;s and k's) I would be grateful.

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D Hillman

Inspired by an artist friend I came back to paint a bit at the end of 2017. At the moment I am enjoying it and maybe because I have the patience to look more than I once did I am finding it easier and more enjoyable to actually produce a likeness.

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