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Woman as sex object yet again, give me strength!

You are so wrong. Firstly this is not a woman as a sex object... how can a woman be an object when they make the sexual selection? They have the agency so are clearly not an object, let alone when they are a dominatrix, I think you will find they are actors not acted apon... and given that I am not particular into such things the sexual nature of it barely crossed my mind. What drew me to it was the colour and the reflections but I don't have to justify myself to you. Secondly what does "again" mean in such a context... look through my gallery and there is nothing sexualised except a mere hint of cleavage in Marilyn and a stocking top from Sophia, sorry to tell you that 3 paintings in 20+ is hardly excessively concentrating on sexuality and even if it was you can do one, I don't see you complaining about nudes and who would listen if you did? Maybe your mother never taught you if you haven't got something nice to say then shut it. I am sick of know-it-all know-nothings here who think they can tell me what I should and should not paint. Go do one.

Two points....I stand by what I said and "yet again" was in a general context, you obviously feel very touchy about that. Secondly. " your mother never taught you ...." , your offensive reply says it all. That's my final comment on the matter.

I object to this painting however you try and justify yourself . It’s completly sexist and objectionable . Life drawings are completly different. . And this know it all would prefer you not to be unpleasant to other members expressing a perfectly reasonable view point.

You are deluded. There is nothing sexist about a woman showing a bit of cleavage. This is their right... I bet you are a gaurdian reading neo-marxist who would oppress other women earning a living modelling. You stand by what you said... this shows an inability to think constructively. If you are offended then good because nobody gives a fig what a bigot like you thinks. I am touchy when it comes to this double standard we see time and again with shaming tactics against men for merely finding females attractive. You are not expressing a reasonable viewpoint and neither is anybody else who thinks they can tell me what I can and can't paint so I couldn't care less what you'd prefer, I'd prefer you to grow some empathy, intelligence and social tact but I guess what I prefer is of no consequence either. Like I said I don't have to justify myself so what are you gonna do about it?

Good PVC effect. The body looks unconvincing though. Waist too small? But you can't expect women to like it.

In fairness this woman's figure is a bit like a caricature... tiny waist and surgically enhanced bust; the corset is probably what's doing it because I think I represented her accurately. Regardless feminism should not be women running other women down for their choices, and I fail to see how my painting such choices can be construed as sexist in any way (especially since the painting below in the gallery is basically of a pair of naked breasts. I would never dream of calling a woman sexist for painting a male subject regardless of the state of dress and this recent spitefulness putting Grid and Promo Girls out of work is awful. I happen to know many of these women, and when I am offered extra money to go without a shirt I am just as happy as they were before they lost their jobs. Anyway thanks for the comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

A buxom redhead in a shiny outfit. Acrylic on canvas board (A2) this has some plus and minus. I was pleased how I blended the skin (new technique for me where I mixed up a fair amount of paint in a gradient and then rushed to do it before anything dried out) Also the latex does look pretty convincing... the hair is cool though not so realistic

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Inspired by an artist friend I came back to paint a bit at the end of 2017. At the moment I am enjoying it and maybe because I have the patience to look more than I once did I am finding it easier and more enjoyable to actually produce a likeness.

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