Red Autumn


Well done you for all your hard work. I really like how you've addressed distance and so the town/village in the distance works really well. I also like how you've painted the bracken and grasses. The whole thing has a real depth which is very good indeed

So recognisable from your superb painting.

Very effective painting.

Beautifully painted.

Beautifully painted, love all the foreground detail.

I agree with Heather, great sense of distance and space

Hang on Studio Wall

Finally finished, this painting was probably the most challenging I’ve done it took me just over two weeks. It’s inspired by a family walk on Ilkley moor, we discovered this beautiful spot on our usual walk, it was very wet and muddy, I spent most of the time sliding down the hill in my inappropriate footwear! It was great fun! Oil in Canvas, 77cm x 62cm I hope it does justice to this amazing place unfortunately, I don’t think the photo does Justice to the painting but what can you do!

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