Nice colourful Kingfisher - very well drawn and coloured so is the branch.

Many thanks, Jeannette! bit out of focus:) I've been looking David Lloyd's ideas on colour theory and colour pencil seems the most controllable medium to learn this with, best wishes, colleen

Hi Colleen I returned to your varied & colourful gallery...I like what I see in it...I like your bold use of colour and the air of mystery that some of your subjects have...perhaps you could add a few more words to your entries here? Please.

Many thanks, Phil, for your kind comments. Is there an air of mystery, i try to say something maybe just through the drawing/painting itself, part of why we do this, I suppose. If you have any quezzies, i would be pleased to try to answer best wishes, colleen

Me again Colleen this is again lovely what a wonderful portfolio you have spontanious and colourful work all so different from each other

Many thanks, Patsy, very nice compliment, all the best, colleen

Really find your paintings inspiring. I was lucky to see and photograph a kingfisher last year on the river Boyne in Ireland (same place as the bridge painting on gallery) and it stands out in my mind as special moment. thanks for sharing your paintings with us

I love to see the kingfisher on the local stretch of the Hafren river! The Hafren is probably better known as the Severn flowing into the Bristol Channel, but I live on its Welsh banks, where there are quite a few very shy kingfishers! Many thanks for your kind compliment.

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