Marrows in a barrow

Marrows in a barrow

looks like this is going to be a nice basketful of squashes.

Excellent use of pencil Colleen.Best regards Paul

Agree with Paul , excellent use of pencil. Know what you mean about watercolours, I'm going through a bleak period at the moment. Sat and looked at a blank piece of Bockingford all afternoon, and it's still blank !

Wow! Many thanks for your kindness! There's some cheapish, goodish quality Fabriano NOT paper, a tenner for about 50 sheets, from Ken Bromley or maybe elsewhere too, might help with the blank paper syndrome, Val. It's less scarey than posh paper. I'm too trigger happy with my hake at the mo, too expressive. The back comes in useful for testing paint thickness- looking on the bright side!

Beautiful light touch. You have said the minimum to state the maximum, if you know what I mean - and that is real skill.

Many, many thanks for your wonderful comments, Thea, very kind, best wishes, colleen

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Coloured pencils on A3 cartridge paper, unfinished. My watercolours are going through a bad patch (I hope it's only a patch). Trying to cheer myself up with colour that's easier to apply!

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