This is great, very lively, just exactly what they do. It looks like he's painted the rest of the painting with his tail.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 28 Jan 18:02:10

Great concept. You have caught the moment well, I also like the minimalist landscape.

This is excellent Chrissie, and dog owners, walkers, and past owners, everywhere will know exactly what you mean of course, our Labrador Retriever Rosie has several things that make her day to day life go round, food, long walks that involve as much of this very thing as remotely possible!, swimming and lots of love and attention when back home before collapsing into mega snoozes, this a great watercolour painting of your Spaniel having a snoot, all dogs snoot to some extent, but there are definately breeds that do it more than others.

I’ve never heard the term shooting but as we have a springer (should it be springy?) spaniel I know exactly what you mean! You’ve captured it here very well. Nicely done Chrissie.

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In this painting I was exploring the character of the dog - spaniels tend by nature to be very busy when out for walks, always snooting about. The brushmarks were kept very loose and busy to reflect this sort of activity. The distant landscape is only hinted at - dogs aren't particularly interested in views.

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