Lovely portrait, great gallery, you should be proud of yourself. : )

You hav a fantastic gallery. Great portraits

Fantastic. I just wouldn't know where to start!

lovely portrait, well done!

Superb portrait. Lovely expression, lovely light and amazingly well done hair. P.S. I notice that you haven't replied to many of the comments on your previous paintings. Could I ask you to consider doing this as I have some questions I would like to ask you about your technique. Thank you very much.

Your portaits are fantastic....... You have such a wonderful use of watercolour. I could look at them over and over again.

This is just PERFECT!!!!

Hi Thea and everyone, Just got in to so many lovely comments. Thank you! What a service this website gives! More than happy to answer any technique related questions if I can.

Superb gallery and great technique. How do you handle the hair?

Thanks for replying, Catherine. It was just that on a previous portrait you stated that the portrait was done in 'saturated watercolour' and I wasn't sure what you meant by that. Perhaps you could enlighten me! Also, if it is not a trade secret, could you indicate what skin tone colours you like to use. I launched into portrait painting in watercolour about 9 months ago and am on a steep learning curve, so all the information I can get helps enormously. Thank you.

Absolutely wonderful portfolio, can't wait to see more.

Catherine, your portraits are amongst the best watercolour portraits I ever saw! Portraits in watercolour are so difficult..I am amazed! Stunning!

Catherine I have just had a look at your website and see you paint everything else with just as much skill! Some of your landscapes really moved me! Is this your profession?

Beautiful portrait, her personality shines through.

Thanks for your comments and question Amanda - yes I am painting portraits to commission. Pre-children i was a full time painter and the hours I paint are slowly increasing back up now they are reaching Secondary School age. It's a wonderful thing to fit around family commitments.

Hi Thea, You asked about skin tone colours. For the brightly lit areas I favour varying combinations of very diluted Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson and lemon yellow. For the mid tones as the skin curves away from the light I use raw sienna and Alizarin Crimson and then for the unsaturated shadow areas are introduce Hookers Green and Burnt Umber. Hope this helps. Do you have any place I can see your work online?

Thanks Catherine for that info - very helpful. In my skin tones so far, I have used Cad red, yellow ochre and sometimes a touch of carmine and mineral violet. I have a gallery on here - if you just put up 'Thea Cable' in the search box, my gallery should come up. It is divided into two parts - my paintings and my portraits.

Great portrait. jx

Abasolutely love your portraits Catherine. I have just started drawing/painting again after a long time although have never been trained, just self taught. Am off to watercolour classes next week which I am looking forward to. I want to learn, learn, learn and my aim is portraiture I guess as I love peoples faces, expressions, etc but who knows. If I end up half as skillful and artistic as yourself I will be happy!

Thanks Kay. I'm also self taught in that i don't have a upper qualification in fine art. But I found that a few years of tough, disciplined life classes have helped me a lot. I'm a total fan of watercolours in portraiture - though there seems to be a huge bias in this country towards oil portraits owing to our rich history in this field I suppose (especially here in my home town of Bath!)

Hang on Studio Wall

Jo is a sunny, direct person so I took a gamble and depicted her broad smile which is so much a part of her.

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