Channing Tatum by Saffron Gadema Carole Kelly’s Granddaughter (20)


Well, I think it’s an excellent pastel portrait, despite the challenge. I’ve had the same problem with old paper too!

So obviously the talent runs in the family! I like the stark, almost graphic style, it's very dramatic and edgy, with great intensity in the gaze that holds the viewer.

Great portrait well done Saffron.

Many thanks for all your encouraging comments. When I see my granddaughter again, I’m sure she will be thrilled by your responses.

Looks pretty good to me Saffron and Carole . Love that hair!

Thank you Tessa. I know Saffron will appreciate your comment.

...and it's as well that she did carry on, Carole!!!! A great pastel painting by Saffron. You must be very proud of her.

Challenge well accomplished Carole

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30 cm x 28 cm. soft pastels & pastel pencils. Saffron had a lot of trouble with the pastel paper as the pastels wouldn’t stick and the paper became bobbly. It was probably because the paper was very old. In spite of the enormous challenge she tenaciously carried on.

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