The Sign Painter. UK Series 1, #4

The Sign Painter - UK1 #4

That is superb, Rikke!! Much interest to look at in the sign painter's studio!

I like this one a lot.

Super painting

So good, great light and wonderful treatment. These sign painters are a dying breed, it's all digital now. Sad.

Wonderful Rikke.

Thank you David, David, Anne and Lewis. Much appreciated. True Lewis.

Thank you Denise. Much appreciated.

I like this a LOT, one of your very best Rikke

Thank you Heather. Much appreciated.

Great work Rikke. Everything is there but cleverly suggested without photographic detail and you've handled the light beautifully. Fine work.

Thank you Jim. Much appreciated.

So much to see in this Rikke, superb painting.

I really like it, full of atmosphere.

Thank you Spencer, Val and Valerie. Much appreciated.

Really good work Rikke. Great light and full of interest

Thank you Martin. Much appreciated.

So much to look at in this great painting. You are so good at figures..

Thank you Paul and Richard. Much appreciated.

Brilliant so much detail Rikke.

Thank you Chris. Much appreciated.

Excellent Rikke!

Superb work Rikke!

Thank you Diane and Shaun. Much appreciated.

Fabulous painting, Rikke.

Thank you Shirley. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Environmental portrait. UK Series 1, #4.

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My first name is Danish and is pronounced "Ricky". I am married and have a 10 year old son. His mother and I are home schooling him Cambridge International. We live in Montmartre, Paris. I mostly work from home so I have some free time to dabble in art. All my paintings and drawings are digital.

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