Wiltshire Woodland


You might consider your self at a basic stage Belinda but this is not a basic stage painting its very good. Looking at it I can see you have the making of a good watercolour artist . You did the right thing by sketching first as it’s an important ingredient of painting .

Well done Belinda, really good techniques here , distance and colouring.

Lovely atmosphere Belinda

Belinda, a nice technique you could try to show the bark on one or two of your foreground trees is as follows. They way you can do it is to drag the heel of a damp round brush( say No 8) down the trunk on the light side of the trunk when it is dry and dab off with a tissue. I would try this on a piece of scrap paper first. A good mix for a tree trunks is French Ultra + Burnt Sienna. You can add a touch of yellow if you want for variety.

You've managed to keep the light, and refrained from fiddly detail, so I think you must be well on the way, well past basic.

Very spare but beautifully atmospheric. Good painting.

I like the way the limited palette helps the atmosphere and gives the painting depth. An accomplished work Belinda; well done.

Well done Belinda, very atmospheric.

Some super soft washes here Belinda, lovely watercolour.

Wow, such lovely comments and great suggestions, I really appreciate it.

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Hi, I decided during lockdown that I wanted to learn how to draw. I thought I’d never be able to do it. I did several online courses, I struggled but kept at it. In September, I decided to try my hand at painting as I’ve always loved the look of watercolour. I’m still at the very basic stage but…

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