Sundown at Haybridge Basin

Sundown at Haybridge Basin

As you say, rough and ready, but it has a great sense of light

Love it Barry. great colour & a lovely piece.

What a good idea to 'save' a painting. It looks good too nicely painted.

Attractive palette Barry, always lovely.

It's a super result, Barry. Love the atmosphere and the immediacy of the piece.

Masterly depiction of a harbor scene, Barry.

well worth resurrecting and successfully

Thank you all for your comments I really didn’t expect much of a response to a rescued painting.

Love it, Barry. A great rescue.

Thank you Ellen.

A cracker Barry you never fall

Nice of you to say so Dennis but I can assure you that I do.

Beautiful result, Barry.

Disaster into success, that is a positive outcome.

Thank you Cesare and David.

You've turned it into a winner Barry.

Turned out very well Barry.

It works very well, Barry

Dramatic stuff Barry, well rescued.

Thanks to Sandra, Fiona, Maureen and Alan I can’t believe I made the top gallery with a rescued painting!!

Lovely harbour scene Barry. I have lost track of the amount of watercolours I have done in the past and changed them to acrylic. I am trying hard to not do that just now but watercolour is far from easy for me.

Thank you Dorothy it’s always good to have rescue up your sleeve especially as most of us mess up more than our fare share of watercolours.

Hang on Studio Wall

Started this in watercolour on a paper I bought ages ago and it was a complete disaster and rather than rip it up I reached for my Acrylics. Kept it rough and ready by not putting too much detail into the boats.

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