Paddy’s Hole

Paddy’s Hole

So well worked great colours and technique Barry quality work as always

Accuracy is never an issue for me Barry, I'm looking for the ambience of the place and you have portrayed this with style.

Thanks Dennis your comments appreciated as always.

Nor for me Alan but I have had some comments in the past and so I decided to make things clear at the start. I am with you about ambience which is probably why I enjoy Plein air as it gives you the chance to experience a subject.

Lovely painting, I prefer some imagination rather than a photographic image Barry.

I think you have it spot on, I wouldn't have changed anything, as always a great painting 😃

Thank you Carole good to hear that others are on the same page.

Thank you Linda glad you like it🙂

Really interesting harbour scene, lots to see here.

Thank you Sandra, it probably has too much to see.

More good boatwork Barry. Nicely done.

Nice work Barry I echo Dennis's comments

As good as the landscape artists efforts,if not better. Nowt wrong with using photos and jumbling the whole thing around to fit your idea, as seen above. Excellent.

I think this works well Barry, you have left a path for the eye to wander through.

Thank you Jim, always guaranteed to get a good response when I paint boats. Dennis, always good to get a positive from someone who’s work l admire. Andre, for your very encouraging words, Stephen, this was one of the areas I played around with in order to achieve a good transition from foreground to middle and background.

Very nicely painted Barry

Thank you David much appreciated.

It's great Barry, lots to look at in this lovely piece.

Hang on Studio Wall

Like many I have been watching sky’s landscape artist of the year and they used a venue called Paddy’s Hole. I liked the combination of boats and industrial backdrop and thought I would have a go. The scene is based around half a dozen photos and not a totally accurate rendition of the scene but I hope I have captured a flavour of it. I think I should have focused on one or two boats as I think this is too busy but enjoyed the process.

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