As the Sun Goes Down

As the Sun Goes Down

I don't understand how you can produce such a lovely painting with a few brush strokes in 30 mins.

A lovely spontaneous sketch, Barry....they’re sometimes the best ones.

Thank you Seth, I can only say that it’s taken a lot of practice and perseverance and a lot of failures and by the way the failures still occur I just don’t like talking about them.

Thank you Ellen, I can’t argue with that I am always saying that if I spend much more than an hour on a watercolour It starts loosing its freshness.

Great piece Barry harmonised so well in all respects superb painting

Thank you Dennis, your comments are very much appreciated.

That is good going Barry. Lovely painting.

Good spontaneous feel in this one

To produce this in 30 minutes just confirms your mastery of watercolour...great work, Barry.

Love this :)

Stunning work Barry, and as for being able to produce it in 30 minutes...!

Great work - lovely light.

Nice work Barry looks great

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick sketch at art club today, thirty minutes well spent.

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I started painting in 2004, I am influenced by Wesson, Seago and many of the great masters, more recently I enjoy the work of Steve Hall, John Hoar and Alvaro Castignet to name but a few. I paint in a loose style and try to simplify as I can. The medium I enjoy most is watercolour but dabble with…

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