The Lakes

The Lakes

It's a smashing study, Barry. I wondered if the middle ground tones were a bit harsh (left trees). What do you think? You've definitely caught the flavour of the Lakes; noticeably so. Bri

Thanks Bri, I have been viewing it for the last few hours and am not totally happy with the tonal balance. I wanted the shape of the left hand trees to really stand out and I am wondering if a white of the paper sky and a lighter mountain would allow me to bring that area back a bit. This would hopefully correct the tonal balance of the whole.

Nicely portrayed in monotone Barry, great for getting these tonal values spot on!

Thanks Alan, something I have always known but not always used in my painting. I have often been too eager to get on with the painting but getting the tones right before you start will always make the job so much easier.

Gorgeous, Barry! Is it Plein Air? I ask because 48 years ago in August, we went on our honeymoon to the poured every day!!! I think it is well balanced as it is, super piece!

Very well observed, I think the tones work, as the left and right hand trees could both be considered foreground.

It’s a good habit to get in to, a pre tonal sketch but like yourself I’m alway too eager to get on with it! Look forward to seeing how you tackle the middle colour! I like this as a stand alone painting actually.

I used to go the opposite way about checking tones - making a black and white photocopy of a painting in order to check tonal values more easily . It does work.

Great tonal values of a very tranquil scene Barry.

Great study Barry love the distant hills

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A tonal study with a view to producing a painting in watercolour or water mixable oils.

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