Lacock after Lunch

Lacock after Lunch

The nice warm tones probably reflect a very good lunch in good company Barry. What a good way to spend a day and a fine result.

Fabulous composition Barry, and what a great depiction of this wonderful village. Those shadows are strong and spot on.

Lovely watercolour in your loose style. Nice to compare this with Allan's more detailed work below it on the gallery, both very well painted, just different styles.

Lovely job Barry. I've never been to Lacock yet feel I know it from the B.B.C using it as a location for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice series. I've painted scenes from it several times. You've really caught the atmosphere I imagine exists there.

Thank you Michael, Alan, Stephen and Jim, it is a lovely location but it is very difficult to get good painting locations as there as so many cars especially near the church. It was also a warm day and I did find my washes drying very quickly.

Superb watercolour Barry! Wonderful composition and execution.

Beauty, Barry. I get a real sense of the place.

This is gorgeous, Barry, so very sunny, love the way the road curves and how you've caught the light on people and cars. Such a good piece!

Another good one, Barry, fast and loose with great highlights and shadows. Depth and perspective also working a treat. I'm fascinated by the transparent woman in blue, like she's a reluctant spectre, refusing to go. Can't blame her. *smile* Brian

Thank you Fiona, Seth, Thalia, and Brian, really like the thought of a reluctant spectre Brian but the truth is much more mundane just an afterthought to fill a space that looked too empty.

Love the curve of the road, the shadows, the car and your portrayal of a hot day.Barry. Super.

Thank you Dorothy and Carole, I appreciate your comments.

Brilliant capturing of the light.

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Our group visited the lovely picturesque Wiltshire village of Lacock. This is my afternoon painting completed after an enjoyable pub lunch. I Tone and colour probably affected by choosing scenes where I had to paint from a position with little or no shade.

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