Uxbridge Station

Uxbridge Station

Lovely my advice is I'm 70 too , enjoy it looks like you could loosen your work a little look at Alvaro castagnet he does street scenes ,but it looks pretty good to me all ready .

This is great Seth, your figure work is good too.

Another Seth special. It all looks so right and natural.

I recognised this immediately as being yours, Seth. Great scene and colours.

Love the style, Seth, and the real sense of place you develop. The movement is very good and I like the subtle figures in the background. Great painting. Brian

Love the almost casualness (I don’t think that’s actually a word) of you work Seth, all very laid back but full of movement all the same.

Nice job Seth....certainly more tone here!!!

Loving this series, Seth, this is great, bags of character

Thanks all for your kind, helpful comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

by Seth Dalton

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I’ve posted over 50 paintings and thanks to the marvellous, helpful comments I’ve received from fellow artists , I feel I’m improving as I go. Great site and great people. Thanks for all your help.

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