Christchurch High Street.

Christchurch High Street.

You have a great style with these, Seth. They are very well put together and full of interest.

Love the way you incorporate life and visual interest with that pen Seth a very well worked piece

Great style, Seth... really bright and colourful... very visually appealing.

Lovely pen and wash technique and the figures look great.

Posted on Wed 28 Mar 19:33:11

Thanks, Lewis, Denis, Jan and Ibolya for your kind comments.

Hi Seth, I've only recently noticed your work, you know how quickly the gallery moves to the next page!. Well, for a learner as you put it, this is good progress. What you need to concentrate on is the direction of light and get those darker shadows in place. This will give your painting a more solid feel, shadows always help to create that three dimensional image which will improve your work immensely.

Thanks Alan, I really appreciate your helpful comments. It's in my brain now. Shadows, shadows.

Thanks Maureen.

Oh how brilliant!!! So much life and colour and interest.

You have a highly recognisable style of work Seth and this is another beauty, I like it!

Hang on Studio Wall

by Seth Dalton

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I’ve posted over 50 paintings and thanks to the marvellous, helpful comments I’ve received from fellow artists , I feel I’m improving as I go. Great site and great people. Thanks for all your help.

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