David Lyons (Association of Animal Artists)

David Lyons (Association of Animal Artists)

I am just blown away by this! it's wonderful!!!!

So am I. How long did it take you to paint those net curtain's, the subtle light and shade in them is just amazing!

Lovely painting, but I am a bit confused. Did you, Anne Corless, paint this painting or did David Lyons? Usually it is the artist who has painted the painting who posts it on the gallery.

It's nice if the actual artist posts their own works. That way we can comment and give our opinions. These are all very good but I also thought that they were yours! Will you be passing on our comments to the artists because you might not be able to answer any questions we might have!

Hi everyone Thanks for the comments. Yes Anne at The Association of Animal Artists (AAA) posted this as I am a member there. If you want to see more of my work have a look at "Fine Art America" (http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-david-lyons.html) where I have plenty to see and within the next month my new web site will be launched (www.davidclyons.com). As for the lace, well it's actually acrylic black and white paint with vertical stripes of Alkyd Davy's Gray to give the effect of depth. If you look at 'proper' lace it's nothing like this but it seems to work and gives the illusion of lace. Hope that helps. Regards, David

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Subject matter varies but David is known mainly for his paintings of rural machinery (mainly tractors), old vehicles, animals (especially cattle in a ‘local’ landscape) and more recently for wild life. His style is to show the subject in a realistic way and add softer, even semi abstract backgrounds on a highly textured multi-coloured surface.

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