Excellent pen and watercolour, well drawn John.

Simple and good!

We used to use these as our wheels for our scooters and box carts when we were kids, a long time ago. Those were the days!

Thank you Kwok, Heather and Fred. One of our tricks when I was an apprentice Fred was to spin them up with a compressed air line and drop them on the floor - away they went in a shower of sparks to disappear down the shop. Very dangerous with the benefit of hindsight and experience!

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My entry for this week's local art challenge on the theme of 'Circles'. I hope you can tell that it's supposed to be a ball bearing, perhaps simplified a little! Pen and watercolour, about 4" diameter

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A Lancastrian who now lives in Buckinghamshire, I'm a professional engineer, former lecturer and self-taught watercolour painter. I've drawn since childhood and in the 1970s began to tentatively add watercolour to pen drawings. This is still my favourite medium but I do make the occasional foray…

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